Operating a motorcycle requires a whole new set of safety skills to avoid a mishap or collision.Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, Tris Motorcycles riding Training course provides valuable information to help you stay safe on your bike and on the road.

Our professional rider training will substantially help you increase your safety during riding by teaching you the physical and mental skills necessary to ride safely on the road. After all, riding safety and riding skill are aspects of the same ability - the ability to control the position and speed of your bike relative to everything else on the road.

We have a full range of training courses available to meet the needs of all riders. Our aim is to deliver flexible, individually tailored courses which are aimed towards your general or specific needs.

Courses are open-ended to allow you to progress at the pace that suits you not our instructors. Additional training may be suggested if we feel it would be advisable or if you want them. If you have a particular weakness, training can be customized to suit it.Training is available on request and can be provided in your premises. Our training courses include the following aspects:

  • Riding skills enhancement
  • Health and safety
  • Accident avoidance
  • Hazard perception
  • Bike maintenance
  • Road craft
  • Highway code


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Trismotorcycles FAQ's

Do I need to know how to ride a motorcycle beforehand?

No… CBT is basic motorcycle training. The course covers all aspects of basic riding technique for handling and riding motorcycles.

Do I need my own bike and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)?

No.. We supply everything you need for your CBT course, from school bikes to PPE. It’s better not to make a purchase until you complete your course. We’ll talk you through bikes and equipment. Even after you finish your course we’ll try to help you find bikes and get you discounts with equipment at no extra charge. It’s our investment in Karma!

I drive a car so riding a bike should be pretty easy?

There’s little doubt that being able to drive a car will help. You’ll have an aspect of road sense that is incredibly valuable but riding a motorcycle is a very different proposition to driving a car. There’s a saying that riding a motorcycle takes five times more concentration than driving a car – we’d have to agree. At the end of your ibt course, you will too!

I don’t like motorcycle protection equipment. Can I do it in jeans and trainers?

I’m sorry but we won’t allow you on a bike without proper protection. We have a very simple rule all the gear; all the time. We live by it and there are no exceptions!

I have previous experience. Is CBT a waste of my time?

We’re asked this one a lot! If you have basic skills we’ll try to bring you up to a higher standard. You will learn new skills/greater level of control. It’s not uncommon for riders to finish the course at a standard very close to test level.

Will I be thrown in at the deep-end?

No… It’s not in our, or your, interest to put you in harm’s way. We tailor our training to your needs. We progress at a level that’s appropriate to the student. Some riders need encouragement while others need reassurance. We’re continually watching your progress, reading your body language and trying to adjust our training to your needs.

Will my instructor be Sons of Anarchy type?

Eh…. No… Quite the opposite. We’re personable, friendly and (we like to think) humorous. We want you to have a good time and enjoy the process. If you’re relaxed then you’ll learn easier and we can get you up to a better standard.

What if I book in for a category and I find the bike too big or intimidating?

No Problem. On the first morning everyone is nervous. The bikes seem big, powerful and intimidating. Don’t worry, your instructor will take you step by step through the process – you’ll start off with basic exercises to get used to the controls and little by little you’ll start to potter about on a bike.

What if I don’t get up to standard?

It happens – not everyone learns at the same pace – some people need more time than others and that’s ok! We’ll work with you to get you up to the standard required. You may have to book in for an additional day’s training. We can discuss that if necessary.

What if I have special requirements or needs?

Talk to us. Drop us an email or pick up the phone. If we can; we’ll try to facilitate you!

What if I can’t find the answer to my question here?

Talk to us. Drop us an email or pick up the phone.